There's a canvas where purpose meets potential and I find myself painting there. Blank before me the beginning of yet another I didn't ask for. I sit on the edge of now, waiting, breathing in, breathing out, feeling the quiet as substance filling the caverns of fear. I take in my hand and my … Continue reading Masterpiece


One thing I've learned about myself over the years is that fear grows in dark places deep within when I'm not paying attention.  I particularly find this in the context of relationships. The husband and I have a rough day and I turn suddenly I'm on the bridge of the Enterprise yelling "Shields up! Prepare for battle! … Continue reading Strength

The Beauty of Commitment

Ear pressed to chestlisteningheartbeat consumingin moments known as "now"all fades to dimbut the light of this spacethe light of eyesshining brightly with lovemovedbreathing you insweet caress of hands lost in skinin moments of you and medrifting to dreamsnestled safe in armslove reminding me that we are oneunion of souls in covenantforever combinedforever committedforever oneI'll never … Continue reading The Beauty of Commitment