What now?

There are many inconceivable stories around us every day that we haven't heard. We have no idea what the person next to us has lived. We can't conceive the stories that aren't ours...that aren't open to the vast space of the known. We hold glimpses not substance. We hold illusions and self-constructed paradigms, based on … Continue reading What now?


Happiness is spending an hour on the phone with your grandmother. Happiness is legacy wrapped in light with sprinkles of hope and contentment. Happiness doesn't come cheap. Sometimes it"s wrapped in struggle. Sometimes it is plain. But it is yours. Grab it and hold on!

I wonder

For some reason, I decided to dig back through the archives today. I guess I was interested to see how far I’ve come since I started throwing my thoughts out into the air. In honor of all the nostalgia, enjoy this little blast from the past. I still wonder a lot of these things…


I wonder if there is a haven for lost poems deep in the recesses of time…some magical place of calm & noise all jumbled together to form meaning.

I wonder if there’s a mystery to the soul that will never be solved until we meet our maker and then in His light, all will become clear, like a translucent breath given form and substance beyond its particles.

I wonder if there are places where two & two add up to three.  You know…like me & you & we.

I wonder

I wonder at wonderful and it’s subjectivity, how the universals collide with perspective to form the moment when “it is good”

I wonder what happens to our dreams when we wake

I wonder what the substance of a prayer looks like from heaven and if mine have created something of beauty or a blob of selfish ambition. I pray the…

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