Lack of Words

All my words have been taken captive. Pirates of time and┬átheir productivity minions have me locked in a cave of clean rooms and financial reports stifling all aspects of my creativity. I think I can see light peeking in through the opening. Soon I will knock the guard out and take back what's rightfully mine, … Continue reading Lack of Words


I have no time to write today The busy fairies have carried me away I'll see you on the other side If the busy fairies bring me back alive

Lazy Soldier

My quiet time is evolving. Where I once sat cozy on the couch with coffee on the table beside me and a mountain of books, three different translations of the Bible, a devotional, whatever Christian living book I happened to be in the middle of etc., now I sit with baby on one arm and … Continue reading Lazy Soldier


Round and round we go, don't stop until we're dizzy enough to fall. Laugh at the circle engraved in the ground by our feet marching in rhythm. Sing another verse of the same old song. Forget the new lyrics begging for freedom because we're too busy to write them down. Trapped in the same pattern … Continue reading Mundane