It's been awhile since I took a moment to stop and spend a few moments at the keyboard. This is mainly due to the odious fact that in times when I need to release that spark of divine thought the most, I am tempted and often accede to occupying my mind with lesser things that … Continue reading Welcome

White Washed Tombs

I took a drive today to a place I once lived. Something once so familiar now screams of distance and abandon, of days long past and reminders of how far I've come. Even the sky is dim framing the homes fallen to disrepair, forgotten or ignored by the "noble" ones; still occupied by dreamers or … Continue reading White Washed Tombs


I fear that if I don't go to bed before midnight, I might become a pumpkin I worry only about change I cannot change Anxious for nothing, I ponder the reasons I fall to deep emotion Balance is sometimes hard to attain The cliff of same before me, something sacred this way comes Freedom from … Continue reading Pumpkin