What to do while you wait

The thing about being in the Potter's hands (Jeremiah 18, Isaiah 45) is that we don't always know what he's forming us into. Sometimes it might even seem like we're sitting on a shelf and waiting until He's ready to do something with us. Isaiah 45 taught us not to argue with the Potter about … Continue reading What to do while you wait

Inspired by the Comforter

On it goes, life. The procession of the here and now. The often rote existense of waking, eating, working, moments of laughter, hugs, love, friendship, rest, lather, rinse, repeat. Like brown lines traced in stone we walk on. Then comes the divine. Blueish bursts of something more to interupt the cortege, motion subtly shifting the monotony to flux. … Continue reading Inspired by the Comforter