They’ve Taken you to Haiti

They've taken you to Haiti with your consent. I'm not quite sure what to expect upon your return. Will you be you? Will you be another version of yourself? I hear it gives one appreciation for the things we take for granted. I hear it gives perspective, Changes the ordinary into precious. Really I suppose … Continue reading They’ve Taken you to Haiti


She walks as if beauty lives in her eyes In one hand she grasps the wind One foot pressed firmly into the sandy substance of time Purposeful peace released in her gaze Prayer for the needy ones escapes on her breath Effortless She strolls alone through the hazy twilight  She waits for me - (JD … Continue reading Balance


The sun sits full above the earth beneath. The day is in motion, bustling as my list gets longer though I work through tasks one by one. I am taking this moment to still myself and realize how blessed I truly am. Tiny baby feet kick my middle filling my heart with love and the … Continue reading Perspective