I’ve been looking for you all week. My souls been craving that moment of still when all is right and the soul is breathing as it listens to creation singing softly songs of praise.
Today, I found you in the rhythm of the waves.




There’s a grace that digs deep

Core of strength extends lofty to the sky

Outward, stretched, fallen man reaching for a savior

Redeemed and strong his boughs grow

Boldly lifted to heights he never dreamed

He searches for more

Always reaching

Always hoping

Faith finding him ransomed

Free he soars with the heavens

From the heights he reaches down

Lowering his fingers to the earth beneath

Digging in deeper

Delving anxiously to accomplish his task

Expanding his reach, as he bores into areas still covered by turf

Grace that reaches for more

Grace that reaches for others

Grace that overcomes all

Dig deeply in me until nothing remains untouched


The edge of protection II Samuel 22:2 ““The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer

There are days when my strength deceives me

I can manufacture the ability to stand my ground

I can rely on myself or those around me wrapped in skin

I grow tired


There are days the wind blows hard

I fight against it

I climb

I stumble

I fall


You pick me up and hide me in the cleft of the rock

Safe in your fortress, I surrender

I find rest

My back aches, my feet are tired and I am weary

Carry me


20130220-174452.jpg Flyboy finds a shell and sends it soaring helpless into the surf. He knows he can cause it to skip and skim instead of sink. When it disappears deep, he finds another and begins again, each time adjusting his angle, the spin of his wrist, the speed and thrust.

Finally, he looks up to Dad for an example. As the shell, gracefully leaves his hands, Flyboy watches with wonder as it jumps three times before falling deep.

Flyboy believes he can be just like daddy. He sees shell skipping on water in his mind and knows he can do it. Frustration is short-lived and only causes him to look up for instruction.

IMG_0211I pray I look at life just like Flyboy…knowing I can do anything…knowing when I’m sinking, I can look up. I pray I never lose the wonder of what surrounds me. I pray I always remember that I can fly. IMG_0253 IMG_0256

An Angel in Sock Monkey Slippers

She’s an angel in sock monkey slippers.

Her smile amazes me.

She sees the world in color without fear of what others may see.

She’s come along way since her little blond curls and her belief that apples made her superman.

She’s stronger than most and wiser than her peers.

She’s brilliant and discerning.

She’s conquering her fears.


She’s an angel in sock monkey slippers looking for the right angle.

I love her determined focus when she sees an opportunity.

I love her sense of humor, her integrity, the sound of her laughter.

I’m very proud of the young woman she’s becoming.


She’s my angel in sock monkey slippers.

We can drive each other mad at times.

Still, I love our time together, fake accents and spontaneous singing.

I love talking with her about random things.

I love that I get to be her mom.

Dream on Sock Monkey!



I think today I’ll become a golfer

My husband took me to the golf course with him. It was great! I finally understand why so many people want to play golf. Since I liked tagging along so much he bought me my very own set of golf clubs and now I’m beginning the arduous journey of learning how to use them. Who knew there was so much involved in developing the perfect golf swing?

Here are a few “prettys” I found along the way.

I’m sure sometime soon I’ll find some poetry on the golf course to share with you. Stay tuned…