I’m not Complaining

The truth is... There are too many thoughts rolling around in my head to make anything fully coherent The truth is... I'm watching the things I've worked so hard to build crumble around me Knowing still, it will all be okay and we will rebuild We will be better than before I live in hope … Continue reading I’m not Complaining

Repairing the Well

The day draws close to an end and I feel pulled to page to open up the release valve and let it all go. Lately, I've filled the well with other things and stopped the flow of words. The difference in me is palpable. Tonight I've decided to dig. The sound of shovel moving earth … Continue reading Repairing the Well

Welcome to now

   Today slips into tomorrow with blinking eyes. My heart lies heavy in my chest too fragile in the wake of a long weekend. I know in this stillness, you are faithful. I trust in the aftermath, that you will gently hold me up high above the fray. I remain thankful. 

Be Still my Heart

God of all goodness, breathe on us today. In mercy we find new beginnings. In love, we find rest. In you, we find peace. Blanket our souls with the wonder of who you are And we will find shelter in you, our comforter


There's a canvas where purpose meets potential and I find myself painting there. Blank before me the beginning of yet another chapter...one I didn't ask for. I sit on the edge of now, waiting, breathing in, breathing out, feeling the quiet as substance filling the caverns of fear. I take in my hand and my … Continue reading Masterpiece