Don’t Settle for Seasoning

There once was a man named Naboth. You'll find him in I Kings 21. He had a vineyard. The only problem with this vineyard was that it was just a little too close to the residence of a certain king named Ahab. Ahab decided he wanted an herb garden and offered to buy Naboth's vineyard. … Continue reading Don’t Settle for Seasoning

Who Told You that You Were Naked?

There they were in the garden. ┬áMan created in the image of God. A single rib taken to craft stunning beauty, a helper designed with detailed intent, a companion worthy of him. The crowning achievement of the Father warranting an affirmation of "goodness" from the lips of the one who'd just spoken the world into … Continue reading Who Told You that You Were Naked?

Labor Day

Once a year, we get to cease from our "manic Monday" lives, and be celebrated for the impact our working has had on our society. We mark the end of the summer with this hiatus. We light our grills, don our shopping garb and hit the sales, relax with friends and family. We get to … Continue reading Labor Day


Stretched thin am I as faith and fear collide Cascading plans, as towers, tumble to the waiting ground Opens up to absorb them Covers them with dust All other ground is sinking sand And I hover, helpless to save In breath, I reach Stretched upward like flame pulled higher I become vapor Seated on the … Continue reading Stretched