I was a human once. I lived, I breathed, I knew who I was. It was somewhere between where husband number one left me a puddle on the floor and husband number two decided I wasn't enough. Maybe I'm not. Maybe they're not. I'm not qualified to say. Tonight, I'm thinking I am beyond expectations … Continue reading Thunder


Father Time boasts precision but I'm beginning to wonder. This morning he seems to be all thumbs. It cannot possibly be time to wake up and start another day. It cannot be that my stepson graduates from college tomorrow. It can't be right that baby man will be turning one and I need to plan … Continue reading Time


Time, that slippery substance Catching and tripping through our fingers while we brace and hope for more Time, that present wonder Existing here, already gone That blip between eternity future and eternity  past Over so quickly while we sleep In waking we ask ourselves if we've missed the moment we've been waiting for We watch … Continue reading Time


We aren’t promised tomorrow so live today as though you mean it. Clichés are so easy to say until you’re staring at the end of the tunnel wondering what went wrong. I’ve spent so much time talking about seizing moments, creating opportunities and defining destiny. Then I think about how little I’ve accomplished and I … Continue reading Vapor