A Blogger without Words

Sometimes, there aren’t words left…

I believe in words

I live on words

I relish language

On nights like tonight, words are left to ruin, and I can’t summon them up.

So I wait, in the silence….

And hope….

And pray….

And tomorrow I’ll begin again.

When words leave, there is trust, and something bigger than me will fill in the gaps, just sayin’…

Opportunity Knocks

I watch the still of waters running deep
Feel the motion of the world shaking beneath my feet as I walk
Onward toward the prize where few men dare to venture wanting more than day to day
Wanting you

All along you beckon, drawing me near, waiting for me to wait for you

There’s this great big world outside my cozy corner
A speck of dust I am, filled with treasure, unfolding in pieces
Called lovely
Redeemed in wonder with brokenness aside

Today fades to tomorrow and opportunity and I decide to embrace it