Birthday thoughts from a mushy mom

Today joins with others before it as being a day that leaves an impact. It's a day exploding with meaning. Today my baby boy turns six years old. Just yesterday he was a little bean in my arms wrapped up cozy and close, nestled in that magic place between collarbone, neck & shoulder. Wasn't it just … Continue reading Birthday thoughts from a mushy mom

I wonder

I wonder if there is a haven for lost poems deep in the recesses of time…some magical place of calm & noise all jumbled together to form meaning. I wonder if there’s a mystery to the soul that will never be solved until we meet our maker and then in His light, all will become … Continue reading I wonder


Oh beautiful disaster, the life that once was. Stretched before the faceless masses with bloated heart set to bust. Above the cynic's laughter, beyond the doubter's tomb, a small voice sings. Growing louder with each resistance. Brought forth from deep within. Singing wonder of the soul. Blood, sweat and tears collide in rhythm at the … Continue reading Clarity

Meet Petunia

This little flower encourages me every day.  It's a mexican petunia.  Every night it loses all it's flowers & every morning it blooms again.  It's my little reminder that God's mercies are new every morning.


What do you even call the color where all the shades & hues of the spectrum collide and meet  in the middle of the sunset? It corresponds with the nature of soul and spirit itself, a mixed kaleidoscope of beauty; inspiring, inviting, connecting to the core of me. It slides and fades; brightens and deepens … Continue reading Sunset