Fingers slide upon the strings as if to bring them life. Melody to float in air Rhythm expanding like smoke in flame, covering, filling the lungs, breathed deep Passion ignited as spirit and soul unite to bring purpose, meaning, substace...wings to the things that move us. Who we are and who we're meant to be … Continue reading Music


At what point do we cease to stand? When the lie has consumed the mind to blur truth to mere suggestion? Is there a moment when our spirit screams? Maybe it's long before we've reached the edge. Maybe it's that first sighting of the precipice, when a small voice says "looky there". Maybe it's then … Continue reading Fallen


This morning when I woke up, the outer bands of Isaac were still making their way across Southwest Florida. It was beautiful. We slept peacefully last night to the sound of the rain. School was cancelled so we didn't have to get up at five AM which was a plus. I looked out the window and … Continue reading Movement


Wading deeply into light (formless substance we are unable to hold still more solid than any reality) Your cloak composed of starlight Bright fire from your eyes escapes to cover the earth with heat Majestic you rise to take your place A realm man cannot fathom Vast beyond dream yet existing in...on...around You only, are everything … Continue reading Majesty


We aren’t promised tomorrow so live today as though you mean it. Clichés are so easy to say until you’re staring at the end of the tunnel wondering what went wrong. I’ve spent so much time talking about seizing moments, creating opportunities and defining destiny. Then I think about how little I’ve accomplished and I … Continue reading Vapor