I've been looking for you all week. My souls been craving that moment of still when all is right and the soul is breathing as it listens to creation singing softly songs of praise. Today, I found you in the rhythm of the waves.

I like to read

I'm a simple girl. I like to read. Read between every line and know exactly what you're thinking Thinking maybe I can be better Better myself enough to know I'm capable of keeping Keeping me, low profile, full throttle until I'm running on empty Empty all my tired thoughts in a bucket and pour them … Continue reading I like to read


Paint me in colors only you can see. Vivid and full of life. Free from dull and gray. Sing me in melodies unheard to human ears. An aria of mystery and beauty, sweet and precious to the orchestra of heaven. Build me as a monument to your praise. Standing tall and strong in the face … Continue reading Painted