To be a Real Woman

This morning began like any other. I guzzled some coffee, did my mom thing, got a quick workout in, did laundry. At some point when the dust had settled, I sat down for a dose of social media while the Today Show played in the background. There was a post (which I will not link … Continue reading To be a Real Woman

You Know You’re a Mother When…

1. You check your clothes before you leave the house to see how much goo you happen to be┬ácovered in and whether it's worth the effort to change. 2. You forget to check for you goo until three hours later when you realize you have smashed up graham cracker on your shirt and boogers smeared … Continue reading You Know You’re a Mother When…


I am a tapestry Woven together, each fiber of my life until only beauty remains Each color and hue lending to the whole A piece of the picture you designed throughout the artistry of time I've been pattered with purpose Knit together with meaning All I am rests in the hand of a loving craftsman … Continue reading Tapestry

Lack of Words

All my words have been taken captive. Pirates of time and┬átheir productivity minions have me locked in a cave of clean rooms and financial reports stifling all aspects of my creativity. I think I can see light peeking in through the opening. Soon I will knock the guard out and take back what's rightfully mine, … Continue reading Lack of Words