Love your Enemy


We are told to love our enemies
My greatest enemy is me
I fight against my will and my brain when they try to make me give up or over think

I fight against my doubts that would try to name me unloved
I wish I could call myself perfect but what a boring journey that would be

We are told to love our enemies
My enemy is the past
Pain felt long ago that tries to resurface at the mention of my failings
I kill it again with the sword of truth and silence it’s nagging
But I know it will return
It’s a battle I’ll fight but it’s a battle I’ll win
I am more than my past
I am an overcomer

We are told to love our enemies
So I muster up the strength to give myself a little grace
I thank God for the opportunity to live and grow and push on a little farther
I choose to be thankful for who I am and where I’ve been and all I’ve learned along the way
I know it all brought me here
To you
To now
And I am complete

3 thoughts on “Love your Enemy

  1. I tried and tried to post on this post but it wouldn’t allow me….I just wanted to say that it was well said and very well put!! Thank you!!

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