On Six and Legacy

I remember six.

What it was to go down to my grandfather’s basement and sing at the top of my lungs while he played guitar.

I remember chords and burning and the life and longing that only comes with a great song.

I remember faces beaming and proud looks screaming “legacy”. I remember the look in his eye…the song in his fingers….the bliss of a guitar fully freed.

I remember.

Tonight my five year old wrote a song. I haven’t taught him the language of music yet. I haven’t showed him. Yet he brings me this.

I’m transported back in time to notes played freely and voices ringing loudly…to no inhibitions. Just me and my voice and the voice of one who believed in me.

And I wonder…can legacy exist when no one is looking?

But I am looking. I remember. So tonight I stare at the random notes written on unseen bar.

I flail at the night and remember who I am. And in that, I find my children and see the light.

It travels freely through the darkness, unhindered.

Because legacy is greater than us. It sweeps through the fragments of the soul and finds a home in the unhindered.

So tonight I write, I dream, I awake in the morning in memory and hope. Because the future is brighter and God is working.

I am a puzzle piece groping for truth. I hold life and I, only, know how to let it out with word and song so I keep going.

Light and life are worth the effort.

Who are you?

Do you ever think about who’s out there listening

I write this blog, throw these ideas into the air

But I’ll never know who hears them.

Who sees beyond the void…

I think of the words that have changed my life

The moments I stumbled across something that shook me to my soul.

There are words I’ve read that laced up my fighting boots to endure another day.

There are songs I’ve heard that became my anthem for a time.

There is greatness in the smallest of phrases that gave me the strength to keep going.

So who are you dear friend, that I’ve probably never met?

Are there melodies playing in your heart, singing sweetness and moving your feet to the rhythm of tomorrow?

Are there words hanging in the air around you waiting to be plucked, like fruit from the vine to nourish you as you march forward?

Do you know you are loved?

Can you see the romance?

The holy one calling softly, through the noise to find your ears and whisper His promise.

Can you see it?

Can I help?

I will never know. But I’ll continue to throw some words into the void to remind you.

You are seen. You are valuable. You have been created for purpose.

Listen carefully until you hear it.


“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus” Philippians 4:6-7

Let’s be honest. We know that suffering can ultimately lead to strength. Sometimes the hardest of experiences can bring about the greatest growth in life. This knowledge doesn’t necessarily make it easier.

We so often kick and fight against the wind that threatens to knock us flat instead of standing firm and balancing ourselves in the midst of it. It’s ultimately counterproductive. How can we remain standing when we’re flailing? I think that’s when the beauty of grace comes in to save us.

The thing is, Philippians gives us the key to endurance, yet I think (at least I) have missed it far too often. When anxiety and fear begins to roar at us, scripture tells us to bring it to God. We make our requests known to Him. Pour out the deepest anxieties on the one who is in control when control seems to be evading you.

The peace doesn’t come from being able to handle the circumstances of our lives. True peace that surpasses understanding when we allow God to guard our hearts and minds. I tend to get this backwards. I try to will my way into faith. I struggle to muster up the strength to believe that everything will be okay. All God is asking me to do is pour it all out before Him and allow Him to stand guard.

Peace doesn’t come from self preservation. Peace comes through surrender. Peace comes through thankfulness. Not only does this passage tells us not to be anxious, but it asks us to be thankful in everything! How can we be thankful in the toughest seasons? We can thank God for His amazing love and grace. We can thank Him for being our strength, our guard, our shelter. We can thank Him that no weapon formed against us can prosper because His plans for us are good. Things may not always go the way we’d like them to but that doesn’t mean He isn’t working all things together for our good. He is sovereign!

The next time the winds threaten to sweep you off your feet, stand with Him. Pour it all out and trust Him. You’ll be amazed at His peace! I’m so thankful I don’t have to understand it all. I can rest knowing He does and He holds me.

This is my story

So there’s this thing about life…

We all have a story and that story defines us, empowers us, or derails us.

What will your story be?

Will you tell it openly or live in fear of what repercussions it may bring?

I, too long, lived in fear of my story.

My story, even the worst parts, makes me who I am. It makes me better.

Don’t shy away from the hard chapters in an effort to hide. Own it!

Be unapologetically you…the “you” God created you to be.

God created us with purpose and destiny.

Our stories make us stronger and reveal the glory of God to the world.

Fear has no place here.


Show His goodness. Because no matter what, you’re standing. Even when your legs give out and it’s too heavy. Tomorrow will bring strength. If not tomorrow, then the next day or the day after that.

Never ever give up! Someone needs you to succeed.

Go all in! Make today your moment! Shine! If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for the next person who is watching.


The dark can be so daunting

The light can seem so dim

Still, from heaven, you are calling.

Can I hear your voice again?

No fear in death or life, though all of hell presses in

Your voice, the roaring lion, shatters mountains and hangs on the wind.

Still small voice, speak to me. I’m listening!