So turns the world…until it stops.

I stare at you in dim rooms lit by tv light drowning out the noise

I almost wish for the noise to stop…almost…but maybe grappling with reality is lesser to ignorance.

I’m a coward.

I stare at light

I drown in darkness

And I pretend to know the difference

Only grace.

God save me from this man I am

God save me from who I could become

God save me!

I revel at light when I’m trapped in shadow.

I revel at grace when the “too much” is….too much.

But I am enough because you called me and said I am. I cannot understand but I’m cool with that.

Who are you?

Who let you decide when enough was enough?

Who are you to say I don’t have a say anymore?

I stare at the void knowing you’re okay but I am here and everything feels irrelevant.

Tomorrow isn’t a promise….only grace

Hold on tight. The winds shift but the anchor proves true.

Therein is hope.

Therein is peace.

So we fight a day longer

Bring the thunder, I know the Son!

Ghost Writing

I’m just a ghost figure in the corner watching my life walk by in shadow while I keep breathing.

Control is an illusion for the “other ones” on the outside calling the shots.

Faith is a bridge I’m building

Tomorrow is a dream worth living

So I breathe

So I call tomorrow a promise

Knowing is luxury

Trusting is strength

I’ll let go and watch my wax wings melt and maybe pull off a miracle before the fire and sea consume me.

Better yet, I’ll watch God work the miracle for me

Until fruition, I am free. Until tomorrow, there is now.

Watch as I split the sky and bring thunder!

Watch as His glory unfolds.