Be Still my Heart

God of all goodness, breathe on us today. In mercy we find new beginnings. In love, we find rest. In you, we find peace. Blanket our souls with the wonder of who you are And we will find shelter in you, our comforter


My breath pushes too heavy upon my chest; my lungs overtaken by some unseen force alien to me. In an instant all hope spills like beans from a bag burst open…suddenly scattered…useless. I am altogether undone. At the end of me, there’s a place I didn’t know about before. It’s like a stream hiding deep … Continue reading Ouch


Sometimes life is like a storm Wriggling, writhing over the face of the deep Waves with motion fast...furious conquering the soul of the doubter Another crash, hard and heavy on the face of the water Breaking with foam and frenzy Too easily pulling us under Sometimes life is like a storm When belief rises, overpowering … Continue reading Storm

The Beauty of Commitment

Ear pressed to chestlisteningheartbeat consumingin moments known as "now"all fades to dimbut the light of this spacethe light of eyesshining brightly with lovemovedbreathing you insweet caress of hands lost in skinin moments of you and medrifting to dreamsnestled safe in armslove reminding me that we are oneunion of souls in covenantforever combinedforever committedforever oneI'll never … Continue reading The Beauty of Commitment

Prayer for Today

Lord, let my hands be ever ready to serve.Give me your eyes to see the broken and your balm to bring comfort.Let the voice of my will be silent when your mouth opensLet me guard my motivations so the outflowing of my heart and hands are pureMay I never be afraid of risk or movementMay … Continue reading Prayer for Today