The View from Above

What's the view like from up there? I often marvel at the way you can love us with such depth despite the messes we've made. The problem of pain exists only because we seek to blame you for the bad without crediting you for the good. You see us reeling from the consequences of sin. … Continue reading The View from Above

What it means to dive deeper into God’s word

Blinded Sight on loan from the maker of reality and I glimpse only a fraction of the picture The parade of time marching before me and I am subject to the constraints of the sidelines Thirsty Deep calls to deep, leaving me wanting more Spirit river laps gently Calls me in, downward to the deep … Continue reading What it means to dive deeper into God’s word


  There's a grace that digs deep Core of strength extends lofty to the sky Outward, stretched, fallen man reaching for a savior Redeemed and strong his boughs grow Boldly lifted to heights he never dreamed He searches for more Always reaching Always hoping Faith finding him ransomed Free he soars with the heavens From … Continue reading Banyan


This morning when I woke up, the outer bands of Isaac were still making their way across Southwest Florida. It was beautiful. We slept peacefully last night to the sound of the rain. School was cancelled so we didn't have to get up at five AM which was a plus. I looked out the window and … Continue reading Movement