What it means to dive deeper into God’s word

Substance of Liquid


Sight on loan from the maker of reality and I glimpse only a fraction of the picture

The parade of time marching before me and I am subject to the constraints of the sidelines


Deep calls to deep, leaving me wanting more

Spirit river laps gently

Calls me in, downward to the deep well

Subaqueous beauty pouring forth from printed page

the spoken word of the infinite Godhead

I’m allowed to fall into the spring

until I become fully submerged

I am pulled under until I’m drinking the cool liquid deep

into my lungs and I drown in the glory

Under the surface of earth I find life

Streams making glad the river of God

I am undone

Fully consumed in His presence where I can rest tonight

Jaimie's Phone 276

3 thoughts on “What it means to dive deeper into God’s word

  1. I have nominated your blog for the “Sunshine Award”! The ‘rules’ for the award are on the post on my blog if you’d like to participate. If you don’t, I so understand, but just wanted you to be acknowledged as one who is really “shining light” in your own way in the blogging community, and I’m glad to be one of your faithful readers! Blessings, Heather

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