Running Clothes

Bring me to the place where nothing else matters Where all I need is you Where nothing else satisfies Make me hungry I take my fill and want for more I cannot exhaust the spring from which the water flows I run toward the source of my comfort I escape the need for comfort knowing … Continue reading Running Clothes


I always thought my dad was a hero. I think a lot of us feel that way when we're growing up. Fathers possess super powers to fix everything from squeaky hinges to teary moments and automotive mayhem. I still call my dad when the car is making a goofy noise and I'm worried. My husband … Continue reading Heroes

Who are you?

  I heard someone say once that our stories define us. I couldn't disagree more. Our stories contribute to our worldview. Our stories can impact or influence our actions and attitudes. They give us wisdom and sometimes strength. Sometimes we allow them to make us bitter.┬áStill, only one thing can define us. We are defined … Continue reading Who are you?