Who are you?

Psalm 40


I heard someone say once that our stories define us. I couldn’t disagree more. Our stories contribute to our worldview. Our stories can impact or influence our actions and attitudes. They give us wisdom and sometimes strength. Sometimes we allow them to make us bitter. Still, only one thing can define us.

We are defined by the word of God and the one who created us. His thoughts about us outnumber the sands of the sea. He sees his children as whole, complete and captivating.

I choose to be defined by him and him alone.

2 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. I couldn’t have said it Better Myself! In Recovery, as I look back at my past, and the traumatic past of my childhood……I chose a Dark Path less traveled by others. But I truly know that path had already been chosen by god for me to Learn, Grow, Gain Wisdom so as to help others in or reaching out for Recovery.

    I also know that he works THROUGH me to help others as well. One act alone by the lords father, who sent his only SON to die on the Cross of Calvary to forgive My sins, and all sins of the World was my 2nd chance to allow my PAST NOT Define the Child of God I am TODAY. Praise the Lord for this One Generous Act……God Bless! *Author, Catherine Lyon*

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