On Imaginary Leadership

Shadow People

I think I would love to lead a group of imaginary people.

I could preach for hours and imagine their response as they are moved by my words.

I could lead them in worship and see them cry out to the Lord in praise.

I could watch them as they are moved to tears when I hit that ‘big’ note.

I could show them love and compassion.

I could give them imaginary money when they are in need.

I could take them shopping and spoil them a little from time to time.

I could have them over and cook them a splendid imaginary dinner.

See them respond in amazement at my awesome cooking skills. Move over Rachael Ray!

They’d always heed my advise.

I’d always be nice.

They’d always be on time.

My kids would never whine.

They’d laugh at all my jokes.

Nothing would ever begin to feel rote.

As excitement fills the air, I’ll let each one of them share.

Ah, imaginary people would be fun, but I’d never get anything of substance done.

2 thoughts on “On Imaginary Leadership

  1. Your blog concerning imaginary people stirs my memory. I believe it was in the late 1960’s when a rock & roll group recorded a song “Theme From An Imaginary Western”. I remember how I would listen to this recording, and visualize an entire movie. Complete, from beginning to end.. Thanks for the memory..
    (of course.. the movie had a happy ending) πŸ™‚

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