They’ve Taken you to Haiti


They’ve taken you to Haiti with your consent.

I’m not quite sure what to expect upon your return.

Will you be you?

Will you be another version of yourself?

I hear it gives one appreciation for the things we take for granted.

I hear it gives perspective,

Changes the ordinary into precious.

Really I suppose it changes the vision of the seer more than the makeup of the mundane.

I suppose a week will tell all.

I suppose you’ll bring home many stories and memories you will cherish forever.

And I will hold each memory you’ve lived close to my heart as well.

Two parts of myself fly high and away while I wait here praying,

And hoping for you to be arrows, mighty, in the quiver of the master.

With love, you’ll reach until your target met, is captivated by the grace of a savior.

You will love deeply and divinely.

It’s a hard thing to stay behind but an easy thing to watch you soar.

Go before them…with them, precious Lord and use them mightily.

They’ve taken you to Haiti and I couldn’t be happier.

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