Giant on a fluff of dust

I feel like the world has shrunk beneath me. I’m sitting on top of it, this little fluff of dust and I’m so big.

The air becomes my only solace and I focus on breathing in and breathing out. I’m lost, suspended atop the tiny surface by nothing more than grace.

Holding me, the intangible taking on substance in this moment because He always knows exactly what I need and brings that…nothing more…nothing less. Just enough to sustain me when my eyes are dry and my heart can’t quite muster the strength to feel.

The numb is pushing hard against me with it’s eerie nimble fingers clawing merciless at my soul. I want to run but the ground is hiding.

So I sit here on the lonely ball of earth beneath me and wonder how I’ll make it. Knowing in my head that there’s a plan…wishing my heart would get with the program. Tomorrow we begin again.


2 thoughts on “Giant on a fluff of dust

  1. Know the feelings. Persevere. ” Then comes the morning, yesterday’s troubles behind.”

    I love ” the little fluff of dust” and “I want to run, but the ground is hiding.” Your poet’s heart still sings, sad though it may be.
    Thanks for sharing the human moments, we all succumb to sometimes. You and we are not alone. And yes, He gives us grace only for the moment, not for fears of tomorrow.

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