Tomorrow is a glass half full.

Tonight is a memory.

I exhale with baited breath to find myself on my knees.

And I know it’s “worth it” if I die another day.

And I know there’s purpose in the things I choose not to say.

But it was you and me against the world until you were gone.

Now it’s me and me to fight alone and I’ll sing some lonely song. Maybe I should just face the truth that you’re gone.

Maybe I was the “missing one” all along.

At the end of “us”

See me in “forever”. Don’t let the clock run out on us. Find me in this moment when the trust dissolves into dust.

If I am breathing let me feel. If I’m lost, find a light.

But you and I and forever may be gone without a fight. Because you’ve given up and I am rust searching for sandpaper.


I sit in silence for hours and days while the world passes by unhinged. I watch the clock dismantle and in haze because time no longer makes sense.

Then I breathe and remember that today will be gone in an instant and tomorrow will either repeat the same or be glorious.

Tonight I choose the latter.