Life is…

Life is walking on

Life is waking up in the morning

Life is doing what it takes to roll out of bed when the alarm is too harsh and the sleep is too short

Life is kids making you crazy

Life is partners making you wonder, “what in the world?!?”

Life is struggle

Life is breath

Life is another sunrise

Life is another chance

Life is another choice

Life is broken or whole?

Life is defeat or victory?

Life is who I was versus who I am.

Life is tomorrow…

Life is what if I tried?

Life is a choice

Life is a chance

Life is, what’s the worst that could happen?

Life is Jesus!

Life is, “What if I miss it?”

Life is “What if I fail?”

Life is “What if I didn’t?”

Life is “No regrets!”

Don’t waste it!

Go for it!


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