The Siren Song of Something More

Hiding in the shadows, the sinister force beckons

Maybe happiness lies here just beyond your reach

If you could just get a little closer it would all be better

Greener grasses, bigger houses, more money, more love, better friends, deeper relationships…better you

The something more you can’t quite attain but give all to pursue

The something borrowed you want to own

Others have and you covet

The goals you haven’t reached

Chances you haven’t taken

Questions you keep puzzling until the answer is lost beneath the mystery

Pain you choose to numb instead of heal spreads like virus to the soul

She lures you until you’re too near the crash to turn without injury

And then you’re left wanting more

Wanting the past to come around again or wanting to wallow in it

You’re blind by the beauty

Then you’re gone

And I sit wondering if anything will ever be enough

He calls from the mountain

Come up here and find rest while you tune Him out with the noise of singing

Beware weary wanderer

She’s coming after you



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