He is Here


The silence is deafening, the noise of fallen Earth muted to hush in anticipation

The bustle of a barren land, called home, preparing to be counted

The movement of a multitude, disruption suddenly backstage, on order of the director, as pregnant maid and man approach.

All of heaven waits eagerly for the glorious symphony to begin

Audience of shepherds to hear the triumphant song of the angels, “Glory to God in the highest”

The exalted one lies in humble manger in this moment when the King of Kings takes his place on lowly earth

Incarnate deity wrapped in swaddling clothes, sent to seek and save

Beloved one, sent to love us with sacrifice we cannot fully comprehend.

The waiting world continues moving not knowing that in one moment everything changed

Here we are, caught in our schedules, trapped by the things that keep us busy

Bustling through the day-to-day, so quick to forget that He is here

He came to hay and straw, to lowly earth and man and girl

He gave life to save and redeem that which was lost

He rose victorious, keys in his hands, conquering death forever

He’s coming again.

This Christmas and always, I am grateful!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

One thought on “He is Here

  1. Once when camping out on a bluff under a million stars, keeping the fire going while making sure chilly boy scouts didn’t wiggle down too close to it, I found myself alone and aware in the time between the night sounds ceasing and the day ones beginning. It was like the earth held its breath. I was suddenly transported to that moment when the earth held its breath as the Savior was being born. Oh Holy Night!

    You poem took me back to that moment. Thank you.

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