Gotta’ do what you gotta’ do

Whoever said pregnancy was magical must not have dealt with morning sickness. I have, in my four pregnancies, experienced varying degrees of first trimester ickyness. This time hasn’t been too bad until the past week or so. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that folks ask how I am feeling and up to this point, I’ve been able to say that I’m feeling great despite a little fatigue and the occasional nauseated moment. So since I was bragging, I am getting hit with the big guns. I am not feeling so good these days! Even as I sit here and type, I feel more and more rumbly in my tumbly. I’m sure this post will be cut short and revisited before it becomes complete as a result of this.

I realize that this is a completely normal part of a healthy pregnancy so I try not to complain about it too much (though my husband may disagree with me about the quantity of my whining). I also know there are little things I can do to stave off the nausea. The most effective is for me to eat something which always makes me laugh when I think about how ironic that is. When I feel the least like eating and the most likely to be unable to eat, I must eat in order to feel human again. What an awful trick?!

Like so many other things in life, the principle holds true that sometimes we need to do what is good for us regardless of whether or not we feel like it. My kids rarely jump out of bed first thing in the morning bursting with excitement about another day of school, but they need to go in order to grow. I rarely revel in the thought of a tough workout (try NEVER these days), but if I want the results I go for it anyway. I rarely find my kids begging for more zucchini or broccoli (except for my oldest who is abnormal and prefers veggies to meat at ALL times) but I know they need healthy foods to be healthy so they eat them anyway. Sometimes, I don’t feel like spending an hour in prayer or a little extra time in the word, but without prayer and study, I cannot maintain my spiritual health.

I am sitting here at lunch time trying to determine what I’m going to try to ingest to calm my queasy midsection and nothing sounds appetizing but I either eat or I continue to feel miserable. What we need may not always match what we want but that doesn’t mean we won’t end up with the desired result. God knows exactly what we need and what’s best for us. Instead of trying to beat the system and get our way, maybe we should just do what we know is best and get rid of the ‘icky’ for awhile. Sometimes we just gotta’ do what we gotta’ do.

4 thoughts on “Gotta’ do what you gotta’ do

  1. I pray that ends soon and does not take from the joy of these exciting days. My worse case of morning sickness was 24/7 for a few months with my 3rd child (20 years ago). It was unnerving and frustrating and often tearful. I ended up leaving work which prompted the beginning of my only time as a stay-at-home mom of 3. Keep sharing and hang in there!

    • Thank you for the encouragement and prayer! So far this pregnancy has been so much easier than the other three (which surprises me). I’m praying this increased morning sickness will be short-lived. Even if it isn’t, we are so excited and feel so blessed to be where we are. It’s so much easier to handle the rough spots when you know there’s a great reward on the horizon! Be blessed!

    • One of the things that they teach here at the Harvest House Transitional center is that we are to do “right things” regardless what we think of them. Feelings and thoughts that don’t want to do what is right is actually irrelavent (did I spell that right?). So, we do what is good for us regardless of want to or not. Well anyhow..that was an additional thought

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