Stretched thin am I as faith and fear collide

Cascading plans, as towers, tumble to the waiting ground

Opens up to absorb them

Covers them with dust

All other ground is sinking sand

And I hover, helpless to save

In breath, I reach

Stretched upward like flame pulled higher

I become vapor

Seated on the air

Growing wings that carry me to the heavens

Prayer whispered, measured in golden bowls before Him

Worthy of all my praise

Worthy of all my trust

I gaze at the empty place my plans once stood

Knowing His are better

Knowing tomorrow He’ll open the heavens and restore all that was swallowed by the hungry ground.


Stretched am I as my fear and faith collide

Stronger I am on the other side.


2 thoughts on “Stretched

  1. Wonderful!! Man have I been feeling a lot of that the last 2 weeks! Fear & Faith of the unknown as the Drama around me plays out! Drama brought on by our landlord trying to evict us……But I know in my Recovery….I have NO CONTROL over People, Places, or Things! I also find a little Peace when I come to your blog πŸ™‚ …THAT IS why I have Nominated You & Your Blog for *THE INNER PEACE AWARD*..*Congrats* IF you Chose to pass on the LUV to Blogs that Inspire Peace for you, all the Simple Details are on my Blog & Post, along with your blog listed….Maybe you’ll get some New Followers πŸ™‚ Look for post, *Another Fabulous Blog Award*…God Bless! Author, Catherine Lyon πŸ™‚

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